Monet Morgan

Monet is a London born filmmaker. She uses to write and tell fictional stories from the age of 13 which she shared with her friends and published it online.  Telling stories has always been Monet's first love and when she picked up a camera studying in College where she has an assignment to construct a script and film the scene, she fell in love all over again.


She went to commit her studies on College and University to filmmaking where she was awarded the highest grade possible in both institutions. Her final project film in college won her the 'Best Sound" award. Her final major project film in University 'CO-D' won her 'Best Directing' award and nominated for 'Best Film' at SOFIA awards. 

After graduating with a BA Honours from Southampton Solent University, she went onto freelancing where she filmed videos for several brands, weddings and different events. In that time she still writing scripts and developing new ideas.


She has held a Film Premiere for her short film 'CO-D' at the Ritzy Cinema and has had other projects she produced hold premiere's at the Genesis Cinema which has gone onto film festivals. 

Monet's ambition is to break into the film industry telling her stories in a series or feature film format. She is currently making short films connecting herself in LA.

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